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Fanfiction of the Prose Variety

Writers of Prose
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Have a creative itch to scratch? Metaphorically speaking, of course. Join Prose Fic, a livejournal community dedicated to fan fic written in the style of prose.

Prose is a form of writing without metrical structure, most famously known in Robert Frost's work. Often confused with unstructured poetry, prose can take on many forms, and here it takes the ever popular form of fan fiction.

All fandoms, pairings, and ratings are welcome; het, slash, rps, whatever floats your proverbial boat!

This community is members only, so please comment on the opening post to be added. Remember, this is for prose fic only. A little confused with what makes something a prose fic? A clear example of a prose fic can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/calamitypan/1460.html (contains slash)

Also, a clear example of something that is not prose fic can be found here: http://www.angelfire.com/scary/randominsanity/HAS1.html (contains slash)

The latter is written in the basic storytelling style.

If your fan fic meets these qualifications, or if you just enjoy prose, sign up for membership today! Remember when posting fan fic to include fandom, genre, and rating in the headers.

Here is an example of an appropriate header, feel free to use it.


- Management (spillingvelvet and cynical_terror)

I speak in prose, and let him rhymes make. --Chaucer.